Kalangan Spa

kalangan spa

Balinese Life-style Philosophy This spa is located in a Western Ubud where all t

Bali Ratu – Ubud

bali ratu spa ubud

Lelaxing Moment in a Quiet Environment It is located inside of Aritini Cottage w

Spa Alila

spa alila

Treatment in a Peaceful Moment It is located in the Northern Ubud, Alila Ubud wh

Waka Di Ume Spa

waka di uma spa

Endless Rice Terrace and Forest Views A quiet resort in the rice terrace of Ubud

Kayumanis Spa Ubud

kayumanis spa ubud

Mythic Massage Technique A healing village in the center of Bali Island, Ubud ha

Aura Spa Ubud

aura spa ubud

Inner Beauty will be Coming Out By following their belief “The way to health is

Mango Tree Spa

mango tree spa ubud

Greatest Ayung Valley View Mango Tree Spa cooperated with a French cosmetic bran

Puri Esthetic

puri esthetic

Well-trained Therapists This luxury secret spa of the tropical garden is in the

Inna Grand Bali Beach Spa

inna grand bali beach spa

Reasonable Old-Established Hotel Spa A spa in Inner Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sa

Spa at Maya Ubud

spa at may ubud

Luxury Relaxation Spa The most luxury hotel, “Maya Ubud” along Putanu River has

Bagus Jati Spa

bagus jati spa

Organic Garden Spa A resort villa “Bagus Jati” has 18 villas in the 5 hectors ar

Matahari Spa

matahari spa

Relax in the Sound of Nature You can enjoy the great view of Ayung river and the

Lokasari Spa

lokasari spa

Peaceful Garden and Pool Ihe spa near Tegallalang in Ubud does not have the late

Puri Bunga Spa

Puri Bunga Spa

Ideal Base in Rainforest Puri Bunga Spa is set up as annex to Puri Bunga Resort that is one of the best resorts in Ubud.

Ubud Garden Spa


Traditional Balinese spa Ubud garden spa located on Bisma street in Ubud where lots of cafe and boutique is there! Their